Compounds for Everyone

Compounds for everyone!

A Life Update from Consolidated Living

June 2023

Compound, when applied to a human habitat, refers to a cluster of buildings in an enclosure, having a shared or associated purpose, such as the houses of an extended [or chosen] family.


Hello, neighbor. The summer season has been off to an exciting start and it’s (finally!) time for two big updates.

1. Our website has a whole new vibe

When we first launched 2020, it was clear to us that community-based residential design was our passion and that we wanted to work with and for our friends and neighbors. As a society we were awakening to the idea that we want to live differently.

Three years later, the shift to more connected, sustainable living feels increasingly important for many folks, including us.

So we redesigned this website to center our purpose as a company: do work we love, with people we love, for the place we love most.

2. We’re building (another) compound…and you’re coming with us!

Erin has been living compound life for a few years now. After growing her home from just one dwelling to 2.5 dwellings, she knew she wanted to help others on similar journeys. Working together, we then began to imagine the possibilities to transform my single-family property into a multi-dwelling compound.

A few years and some major life events later, the project is underway! My two-adult household is about to become a five-adult and three fur babies household.

First, we’ll be consolidating three households into one single-family home. Then we’ll begin building out the spaces to create at least three separate private, but connected, dwellings.

We expect this project to take more than a year and we’ll be sharing our unfiltered experience all along the way.

Our first video introduces the project and takes you on a tour of the property “before.”

Stay connected with us to come along on the journey!

❤️🏘 Leisa

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