We like to get to know you, then build designs centered around comfortable functionality and the way you want to live. We obsess over the details. But, building is a collaborative process. Our team works with you and your contractor to bring your space to life.

We are dedicated to accurate 3D modeling while respecting the craft of building. Depending on your needs, we typically start with in depth consultation and rough hand doodles. Once the vision is clear, our digital models will provide accurate, permit-ready drawing sets.

If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with us below and we’ll see how we can collaborate.

Custom Design

This is where we bring your ideas to life on paper. Whether you’re looking to create a new space from the ground up, or make an existing space more suited to your needs.

Designs can include:

  • Site Plan Conceptual drawings
  • Schematic drawings for a small residence or ADU
  • Space-efficient Interior Remodels


Each consult is a journey where we help you discover what you and your site need.

Think of CL as your creative support team. We’re here to help field any home-design related questions and assess your project options. We’ll take look at your current plans, interests, or property, and provide designer input on your current projects.

Permit Sets

This is where we take custom designs and turn them into a tangible plan that can be used by your contractor, engineer, or developer. 

They’re also considered part of the official paperwork which you’ll need to get approved by the municipal officials in your city before you can start building. 

Standard: site plan, floor plan, elevations, section(s), details, foundation and framing plan. 

Optional: interior, electrical, and 3D views as needed

Tell us more about your project.