Kitchen and Bath Remodel

A project for Portland Community College Advanced Kitchen and Bath class. The task was to remodel an existing kitchen and bathroom for a young family, their small child and aging parents.

For the Kitchen, the existing space was remodeled and expanded. Natural woods ground the space in comfort while pops of color, a drop pendant light by the sink and dynamic quartz backsplash lighten up the space. Functionally, the butcher block island provides plenty of prep space, while also giving youngsters a safe space to watch and learn.  The new wine bar adjacent to the dining room allows for entertaining, while still leaving enough space for the chefs to work their magic. By expanding the kitchen, a new Living Pantry is created.  The Living Pantry is a space to sit, work, play games, enjoy snacks, and bring in food from the garden.  A tweed wallpaper, natural light and place to grow herbs bring additional elements of the outside in. The Living Pantry also is equipped with a separate baking center and extra freezer space to further increase the functionality of the overall kitchen.

For the Bathroom, the goal was to create a living art piece that is as serene as it is interesting.  A bold pattern floor tile introduces color and movement while the custom wood sink add warmth and natural textures. Throughout the space, there are ample walkways, intentional lighting, accessible fixtures, and pre-installed grab bars help all generations of the family be comfortable and safe in this shared space.  A deep linen closet and both upper and lower cabinetry allow for multiple storage options.  A separate water closet and shower allow for the family to utilize the space in multiple ways, while still maintaining a sense of privacy. The feature glass wall and rattan pocket door allow natural light to flow throughout the space.