We’re a team of friends that believe homes can empower people. We treat every project as an exercise in methodical design from the ground up. Every one of our projects is a collaboration. First with you the owner, then with your team of creative pros:

Erin Beaty


Prior to starting design, Erin spent 10yrs in global manufacturing & engineering. She is a certified Sustainable Homes Professional through Earth Advantage. Erin has training in Residential Design and Building Construction Technology from Portland Community College.

Erin also lives in a 250 SF minihouse. She’s passionate about the daily impact a consolidated and organized space can bring.

See more of the minihouse here and please consider donating to PCC Foundation.

Leisa Hall


Leisa is a Portland-based consultant obsessed with helping folks achieve better outcomes at work and at home. She spent 15yrs in marketing and customer experience design and a lifetime creating spaces that just feel good.

At Consolidated Living, Leisa contributes to material and interior styling. Her passion is helping others feel relaxed in their own beautiful and functional living space.


Jelena Grove


Jelena is a Portland-based freelance writer trying to connect the often faraway dots between ideas, spaces, and people.

She has a BA in International Studies, focused on Eastern European affairs. Her Croatian-American upbringing gives her a knack for bridging gaps about topics ranging from cannabis science to mini homes.

At Consolidated Living, she’s helping us create content to educate and inspire readers considering home.


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